Is your Child being Bullied?

Finding out that your child is suffering bullying can be a hugely traumatic experience for parents. Often our children use behaviours that actually inadvertantly attract bullying. These can include shyness, anxiety, fear, lack of friendship making skills, bossiness, lack of self confidence or self esteem, baby or silly talk to name a few.

Bullying is never okay! There is no excuse for bullying.

Often there is little as parents that we can do about the 'bullies' in an ongoing manner. However, supporting our children to develop skills that help them to effectively manage their responses and in effect  innoculate them to the impact of bullying, can be very helpful.

Bobbi can work with you and your child to develope skills to decrease the doing the 'bully magnet' thing. This may take a little time but skill development and confidence building can make a huge difference.