Is your Child having some difficulties Making and Keeping Friends?

Some children find it very difficult to make friends and can be very shy or conversely, can be bossy and over bearing. Some children can make friends but have trouble keeping them.

Identifying what is happening for your child by engaging counselling skills and then supporting specific skills development either individually, in groups or a combination of the two, has been found to be very helpful.

Please go to our downlods page and download the basic social skills assessment and have a look through the templates. These are designed to help establish a base line of skills and a place to start.

If a person is unable to determine whether or not a group is open or closed they can even begin to know how to join in a group. this is true for preschoolers wanting to play duplo,  school student wanting to play footy or an adult wanitng to join a conversation in a group setting. 

We establish whether or not the building blocks for making and keeping friends are in place.

Explicit skills are developed and practised and a skill development plan is designed and implememtned across relevant settings.