Trauma of any kind can impact behaviour and abilty to function effectively. Children and young people are all impacted by trauma differently.

Illness, accident, crime, local or global natural disasters,grief and loss, family breakdown, relocation, familiy violence, school or sibling bullying, learning struggles & sibling disability all can cause trauma for children, young people and families.

Helping families to work through traumatic experiences and understand the impact on behaviour can be very meaningful.

Bobbi has a special interest in trauma and seeing families recover and operate to their potential.

Often trauma related behaviours are very BIG in how they look and can be very overwhleming for those around them. They often appear very angry, dispectful and deliberate. This can be very confusing for parents, teachers and children alike.

Learing to understand that most unhelpful behaviour is based in fear and anxiety helps us to manage our own reactions and then enables to help our kids. See useful links page for some great reading.