Upcoming Webinars with Bobbi

Join us for our new monthly webinars on the first Thursday of each month at 8pm (Melbourne time) - excluding January, July and December.  Sign up at the bottom of the page for updates.


Thursday, 4th March at 8pm

(Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney time)


You are invited to our next webinar on Siblings.


The needs of siblings often get overlooked. Not because we don’t care. But because the care needs of our target child are so great that out other children’s needs get overlooked. This can lead to mental health problems, jealousy, anxiety, and to a whole lot of stuff.


Find out how you can support your other children, so they don’t have be anxious about their responsibilities are going forward. Bobbi will also talk about adult children and their responsibilities.


Bobbi will also share a range of different services available to support siblings.


We have a quest speaker joining us from Little Dreamers to talk about what they offer.


Save the Date for these Webinars in 2021

4th February                                    Planning for a Successful Year


4th March                                        Siblings


30th March (Tuesday)                    No Webinar

6th May                                           So it’s not working & School Refusal


3rd June                                          Surviving Winter


July                                                  No Webinar


5th August                                      Responding to violent behaviour


2nd September                              What to do when they run


7th October                                    How to not get into power plays


4th November                                Planning for Christmas and holidays


December                                       No Webinar

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