Ask Bobbi Anything Webinar

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In this webinar...

Please note, due to extreme weather affecting the internet in Ballarat, the recording did not work for this webinar. 

Here are the questions and some of the links that came up during the webinar.

  • Why are bedtimes so hard?

  • How do I get my partner's support?
    See this article on the Cassandra Syndrome  (now known as Ongoing/Post Traumatic Relationship Syndrome)
  • Can you talk a little about how IMPORTANT it is for every human to UNDERSTAND and make sense of what is happening in their world? Any theories relating to this? 
  • I know it’s tricky to provide counseling to a couple where there seems to be violence in that relationship. I wonder how do we know whether I should refer them on or what I need to ask myself to make the decision whether to provide my couple counseling service? I do do couple counseling. 
    DV Alert - Lifeline have FREE training to professionals currently.
  • Would you say lack of empathy is a symptom of a larger issue? Spectrum, ADHD, trauma?
  • What do you do when your child tells you they are depressed and they won't engage with anyone? See Psych Central Article - What is Languishing?
  • See article by Tony Attwood on Gaming and Kids with Autism.
  • See Friends for Good is a volunteer service where you can chat to someone.