We offer the following assessments:

Play Skills Assessment

This is assessment takes about 2 hours to complete and can be carried out at our office, child care centre, home or school setting. It is not intrusive and assesses developmental play age and suggests a starting point for skill development.

Whether it is teaching a child to manage their temper, a young person to overcome anxiety, a child to relate to a new step parent, a child to tolerate boredom, manage being bullied or the effects and impact  of trauma behaviour therapy and counselling may be helpful.

Social Skills Assessment


Once it is established that an individual knows how to play, a social skill skills assessment can be undertaken. On our downloads page we have a free tool you can download to help to identify what skills require most urgent assistance.


An assessment of social skills is undertaken to develop a Play for a Social Skills Program.

Functional Behavioural Assessment


Functional Behaviour Assessments are the examination of behaviours to establish the purpose and cause of the behaviour in question.


We look to see when the behaviour is occurring, who the behaviour is with , what happens as a result of the behaviour and how the behaviour works out for everyone involved.


If there is only one behaviour of concern this is quite a quick process.


Most often this is an extensive assessment that takes place over an number of days and in a number of different settings.


It involves meetings and observations with everyone involved, the development of a report and behaviour management plan and implementation strategies and recommendations.


As each situation is different an individual quote is offered as required.

How Do I Book an Assessment?

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