Behaviour Therapy

What is Behaviour Therapy?


Behaviour therapy is a solution focused process with a skills development emphasis.


Whether it is teaching a child to manage their temper, a young person to overcome anxiety, a child to relate to a new step parent, a child to tolerate boredom, manage being bullied or the effects and impact  of trauma behaviour therapy and counselling may be helpful.

Is Behaviour Therapy Right for You?


If you as a parent are struggling with your child's behaviour and are not sure if there is something not right with your child or maybe not sure if you have a handle on parenting, BCBM is a sensible first port of call. If indicators of a major issue or possible disability are observed or suspected, BCBM will on refer you to the most helpful professional.

What is the Process?


An experienced therapist will initially meet with you to discuss you and your child’s needs. This discussion will take about 1 and 1/2 hours and will cover your child's development, strengths and areas of concern.


We ask wherever possible that children do not attend this session as we do not like to talk about children in front of them or when they are in another room with a heightened awareness they are being discussed. 


If at anytime during this initial appointment BCBM becomes aware they are not the best team for you and your family you will be immediately on-referred. Please bring all relevant documents and school reports with you to this initial appointment.


This process will help to determine the priorities and most helpful options for your situation. Individual therapy, group sessions, parent skills development, family therapy, counselling or further referrals maybe among some of the options suggested.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Call us on (03) 5309 0495

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