Problem Sexualised Behaviour

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In this webinar, Bobbi Cook shared how to manage problem sexual behaviour. This is a big issue for parents and schools and it is important to tackle this challenging issue. Bobbi acknowledges that she is not an expert in this area but she brings her knowledge and experience as a therapist.


What is problem sexualized behaviour?

​Any behaviour that is of a sexual or personal space nature that is not consensual or age and developmentally appropriate.

  • Both parties do not have equal power

  • Developmentally appropriate curiosity however not situation, age and contextually sound

  • Masturbation and self exploration in inappropriate time and space

  • NON- consentual touch and inappropriate personal space incursions

Factors to consider when assessing the sexualised behaviours

How can we find the antecedent and solution? Not on our own!

  • Anxiety, PDAS, ASD, ADHD, communication delay

  • Sensory in nature and physiological (an Occupational Therapist can really help with this)

  • Developmental in nature

  • Gap between selves and peers widening

It is frightening and stressful to be unable get a handle on this

Here are some of the things that might be going through your head:

  • Is there a way through this?

  • Are my other children safe?

  • Fear of what others will think

  • What does the future look like?

  • Am I ok?

  • Will my child end up in jail?

  • I’m a really really bad parent



You will need to utilise a range of strategies to deal with problem sexualised behaviour, icnluding:

  • Interoceptive Awareness

  • Communication (you may need to get an Occupational Therapist to help you)

  • Family support and counselling

  • Masturbation schedule and guidelines

  • Clear, consistent and concise directions

  • Everyone using same strategies and language

  • Supervision

  • Books and resources

  • School Therapist and Occupational Therapist

  • Regular routine, increased showers

  • Regular physical exercise

  • Paediatrician and Endocrinologist

  • Reduce boredom

  • Keep hands busy

  • Talking about problem sexualised behaviour as tricky and unexpected

  • Police and sexual assault services (sometimes hearing from a police officer can make a big difference)


Bobbi explains these in more detail in the webinar.



Please note: The NDIS can usually fund these books.

Secret Girls Business (has books for boys too)

Great range of useful books

Special Girls Business and Special Boys Business (you may need to read them at least once a month or more) are great for up to developmental ages of up to 10

More Special Girls Business, Secret Girls Business, and Secret Boys Business, etc. are great for older children.


Masturbation Book

Things Tom Likes

Things Elly Likes

A 5 Is Against the Law

Sex Ed Rescue Website

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