Remote Learning

Remote learning can be a challenge. Check out this videos below from Bobbi Cook to help you manage remote learning.

Workbox Method for Remote Learning Activities

See how you can use Sue Patrick's workbox method for homeschooling that can be adapted to remote learning.


With the workbox method, you can use:

  • Drawed Trolley

  • Manila folders

  • Paper/Gift Bags

  • Folder


You can check out Sue's facebook page at:

Workbox Method: Trolley

Workbox Method: Folder

Workbox Method: Bags

The Difference Between Ability & Capacity

Giving Instructions rather than asking Questions

The importance of prioritising you Self-Care during remote learning

What is a good day?

We often get to the end of the day and we might be tired and when someone asks us how our day was, we just say, okay. But what makes a good day?

What is an easy day?

Things are tough for most of us right now. It's okay to make your days as easy as possible What does an easy day look like?

We are still operating during the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are here to support you and your family.

Call the office on (03) 5309 0495 to talk to our team and schedule sessions. We are moving most session to online sessions.

During these challenging times, children's behaviour may change due to the change in routine and the stress of what is occurring. Here are some resources to support you and your family.

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