Coronavirus Resources

We are still operating during the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are here to support you and your family.

Call the office on (03) 5309 0495 to talk to our team and schedule sessions. We are moving most session to online sessions.

During these challenging times, children's behaviour may change due to the change in routine and the stress of what is occurring. Here are some resources to support you and your family.

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Bobbi's Video - Tips for Supporting Children During the Coronavirus

Bobbi's Video - How BCBM Is Working During the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

This is a tool to help you build resilience during difficult times. This workbook was created for free distribution by the Wellness Society.

Download Anxiety Workbook

Sample Daily Schedule for Children at Home

Here is a sample daily program for home school and self isolation if required.
We can design a schedule that meets your families needs.
Call 5309 0495 or email to book a Zoom appointment so we know what you need!

Leading  the  way  for children  during  the  Coronavirus pandemic

Useful tips for parents from Michael  Grose,  founder Parenting Ideas.

Download PDF

Sleep and Young Autistic Adults

This two page document can help with thinking about sleep and autism. Created by the Autism CRC from LaTrobe University.


Download PDF

Staying Connected with Children

A great document from the Australian Childhood Foundation on how we can support and stay connected with children.

Download PDF


List of Support Numbers, Apps and Programs

This document lists useful numbers, apps, and other things to help support you during this time.


Download PDF

Talking with Children about the Coronavirus

Here is a handy document that you can print out and go through with your child about the Coronavirus. 

Download PDF

Education Pack: Be “William” Ready!


Intuitive writing stencils are now combined with our grippies for correct pencil grip, dice for fun learning games, all to form this amazing package.  Add in a couple of soft spikey toys, some pencils and you’ve got all you need!


We are keeping the kindness going with FREE SHIPPING on orders Australia wide. Simply type KINDNESS at checkout. 


Included in the kit:

1 x Ultimate Writing Stencil kit (40mm) – 3 box set (97 pcs)

1 x Digraphs & Punctuation Stencil Set (40mm) – 1 box set (22pcs)

1 x Grippies Pencil Grips (5pcs)

1 x Whiteboard Dice

2 x Free Orange Sensory Toys

2 x Free Standard HB Pencils

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